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Nittany’s USAIGC team is a less intense, more recreational gymnastics team. The USAIGC team (ages 8-17) gives gymnasts the opportunity to be a part of a competitive program, while still having the freedom to participate in other sports.

The team travels to an average of 5 competitions within Pennsylvania, to help keep costs down. We currently have 3 levels of competition—Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The USAIGC team will have 4 different levels within the NGA team program.

  • The IGC Plus team will meet for 10 hours on a weekly basis. This level is for the girls that would like to come more hours and compete at all competitions, including having the option for post season competitions if they qualify for them. If you are a gold or platinum level, the Plus team is highly encouraged to ensure safety and consistency with their skills.
  • The IGC Team will meet for 8 hours a week. This level is for girls who love gymnastics, but wish to keep hours lower to participate in other sports, or because of the commute, or just to minimize their hours. The IGC team will compete in all season competitions and will have the option of post season competitions, if they qualify.
  • The IGC Aerials team will meet for 4 hours a week. This level can be used as an introductory level into the team program or as a minimal level team experience. The minimal practice hours and 2 elective season competitions, without the option of post season competitions, give gymnasts a taste of the competitive gymnastics side, without overwhelming them or their parents. This level can also be used for those that want to come more than a class, learn routines, challenge themselves at learning new skills, but have the option not to compete.


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