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MegaTot Program: Ages Infant-5

Our Movement Education & Gymnastics Activity for TOTS (MegaTots) Program is designed to build a strong foundation of movement experiences for our youngest students. It is also meant to improve their self-confidence and enhance their self-esteem. Each program level within MegaTots has its own unique aspects:

Infant (12 months to 24 months):

This class relies on the innate trust between child and parent to initiate the child into the diverse world of movement. This stimulating parent participation program introduces balancing, tumbling, hanging, climbing, and agility in a fun method, helping the children develop a love of physical activity.

Toddler (ages 2 to 3):

At this age, a child is developing a wide range of skills at an astonishing rate. Parents are expected to serve as the link between the Instructor, the lesson goals, and their child. The School year evening Toddler class does

Pre-1 and Pre-2 (ages 3 to almost 5):

At these levels, children continue to meet and master new challenges on a regular basis. Basic movement concepts are reinforced and expanded upon, and new skills are introduced as appropriate.

Kinder (age 5 / kindergarten):

This level builds upon the basic concepts, and focuses on developing specific gymnastics and motor skills that will be used in both future gymnastics (GymStars) and other sports instruction. Broad-base child-centered lesson plans are created for each class. Skills and concepts are approached in a variety of exciting ways.

Pre-K (ages 3 to 5):

This class is preschool movement education for ages 3 – 5. This class is a combination of our Pre-1, Pre-2 and Kinder classes, which make it more convenient for parents with multiple children or parents who need specific class times. Each child is challenged as appropriate for both their age and ability level.

KinderStars (age 5/minimum of 2 years prior experience):

This program is designed to prepare students to go into the GymStar program the following year and is for children who have previously participated in our MegaTot program. Children will warm up on the main floor then have different rotations of gymnastics events each class.

P.E.A.K.-a-boo (ages 4 to 6):

Introducing a new Performance Enhancement in Athletics for Kids (P.E.A.K.) program for boys and girls ages 4-6. In our new P.E.A.K-a-boo class your child will learn the fundamentals of different sports-including technique, terminology, and basic rules of play in a fun and safe environment. Classes include gymnastics and sport of the month. Sports include: Field Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Track & Field.

Kids in Motion: (ages 1 to 5):

Kids in Motion is a recreational play time designed for children ages 1 through 5. A parent or guardian must accompany child and is responsible for child during class. The MegaTot gym, the main gym floor and the pit are open for use during Kids in Motion. However, the equipment is designed for children – so, no parents or guardians are allowed on any equipment. (Parents and guardians may enter the pit with children.) Please note: The downstairs trampoline will not be available for use by any person during KIM class. Parents should be dressed in clothing that allows for freedom of movement and will be asked to remove shoes before entering gym.

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