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nittany-ninjasNittany Gymnastics announces the formation of “Nittany Ninja’s”, an expansion of our Ninja Warrior program to include the Nittany Ninja competitive team.

Our Nittany Ninja program is fun, fast moving, athletic training which is designed to develop participants’ strength, coordination, balance, speed, power as well as their self-confidence. We utilize speed training equipment and drills, plyometric training, and body weight strength training to prepare the athletes for obstacle courses set up in the gym. The courses utilize both our gymnastics equipment and equipment specifically designed for Ninja Warrior competitions, including our new warped wall for the more advanced participants!! Our Warped Wall is the only one in the area and replicates the wall utilized on the American Ninja Warrior competitions on TV. We are constantly adding additional equipment and stations to help with the development of “Ninja” skills and our participants overall athletic abilities.

Once again, Nittany Gymnastics Academy takes the lead in the athletic development of children in our community with this exciting program!


warped wall 2warped wall

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