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Special Needs

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Each child with a special need responds to sensory stimuli in unique ways. Our Special Needs classes are designed to work with each child to find gymnastics movement experiences that best meet their individual needs. The children learn motivation and organization through climbing, reaching, grasping and even falling.

The class structure is based on the MegaTot curriculum and includes your child’s assigned TSS or parent or guardian to accompany the child. It is the goal of the class instructor to develop a relationship with each child and family in order to provide the best experience possible.

Please provide copies of forms of physical or behavioral needs to include with your Nittany registration forms so that our instructors can provide any unique assistance required by your child.

Nittany currently offers two 45 minutes class times. ($52/month)

Please call our office for more information.

Monday 9:30am Ages 2 – 5
Monday 4:00pm Ages 4 – 8

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